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RedRock Micro

Training for Post-Production Softwares

VFXROOM also provides training and the information you need to improve your skills in video production. And
after 25 years of post production, we have a lot to offer. This is the place to start for videography training.
Here you will find training to use audio/video software, video editing hardware, and help with video lighting technique We also train host to face camera with confidence. Let the learning begin!

Training Info
We have been in the business for a long time and we provide professional training.

Training available:
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe After Effects
- Final Cut Studio Pro
- Sound Track Pro
- Shooting
- Lighting

Talent Management Training:

Our strategy
We are professional trainers for actors, models TV Hosts and other media personnel. Our strategy consists of conducting training courses in modeling, deportment and style training at every level.

We can also prepare a complete portfolio or corporate image with professional style photo shoots with proper lighting and other effects.

For those aspiring to do modeling and acting we specialize in creating Demo videos featuring and enhancing your talents, style and looks and the ability to face the camera with confidence. Our vast experience of 25 years and our professional photographers and videographers can help you to achieve success in preparing short videos, documentaries, mini films portraying your special skills.
Right from child models to teenagers, to young and old men and women, we can train you to acquire style, confidence and professionalism to attract directors and film makers.

Each participant will be given special care and attention in a safe and friendly environment. Comprehensive workshops and trainings will be held for new faces on TV, film, fashion and advertising industry by our experts.
Let us help you to make your career boom and make your dreams into reality.

Picture Sample
(Photography, Photoshop and Editing Sample):
Before & After Before & After Before & After
Before & After Modelling Modelling
Video Sample (Videography, TV Host and After Effect Sample):
Tv Host sample, Fashion Trips Documentary Introductions  

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